Thursday, July 31, 2014

20mm Zombies

          Banged these dudes out at work. Slow week. Super easy!Which is good because I have 100 plus to do.
          Color primer, purple wash, blocked in, and dippped.

          Every day Dumpsters, Large industrial/construction dumpster, and bags.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

City Table III

          This was the original idea. "I plan to complete at least tile every month. 8' by 6' means 12 tiles, one year to complete." Total fail! Life step in and shelved the project. (Along with painting and gaming.) Also MDF tiles are too much work. A Realms of battle board or two will be used instead.     
          With a new plan and energy. Completely stolen from Carl Woodrow who did it for Games day. Seen here; The GW boards are painted. I ass ton of roads poured out. Still many more to pour. And all sorts of forum-ware collected from across the globe. This is where I start. Actually it's day 5
        I will still be going with the Acropolis idea. The whole hill top will be fortified and will support dual function. One will be a shine and the other a space port. I have started off here on the hill quarter that had the best approach for a road. The approach road will have a traffic circle and fountain/statue at the bottom. The road going up will be blocked and secured.
          The traffic circle road sections below have been attached. Using the tank factory and extras to hold down the sections as they dry. Copying straight from Mr. Woodrow's idea, the roads will be set off angle to normal game play.
          Tonight I will use industrial magnets to keep the road section on the slope down as the glue dries
         These are forum-ware defensive lines. I wish, I had gotten more of them way back when. I could be hard pressed to encircle the top. The slope will have pill boxes counter sunk. Then the slope will be flocked.