Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cherry picking

         Yeah I bought another one. Off of the Facebook epic trader thingy. And this time an army I have, Epic Tau from Canada. All original FW shit. 600 beans half painted, half raw in the original bags.
       It is an army but not really another army for the collection. I am going to cherry pick it. Yeah no shit 600 just to cherry pick. I got a big dam problem.

       After my picking. The rest is going up on eBay. I will update this post once the non cherry picked items are sold off.

Monday, January 29, 2018

NetEA Tau Vs Eldar 3000 points

        Another game with Kal. Kal hosted at his casa. Same old same old. I am pushing around the Tau and Kal the Eldar. We own other armies, but we are stuck. Maybe once we get a regular gaming schedule, those other armies will appear. With Cold Wars around the corner and AdeptiCon creeping up on us. We are training with our tourney choices.
This was a non drinking event. Way too many Amish on the county roads to be slamming beers.

Kal's force

 3 Super Heavies  2 Void Spinners and a Scorpion
Sword of Vail with 2 AA things
3 detachments of Guardians
BTS Exarchs in a Vampire
Exarchs in a Vampire
Big nasty

My Tau

6 Fire Warriors w/ Devilfish
5 Crisis Suits w/ Gun Drones
BTS 5 Crisis Suits w/ SC
10 Kroot
10 Kroot
10 Kroot
Stealth Suits
Pathfinders w/ Devilfish
Recon 3 and 3
Tiger Sharks w/ Gun Drones

E: Rangers
T: Kroot 1
T: Pathfinders

T: Stealth

Off table
E: Vampire w/ BTS
E: Vampire w/ Exarch
E: Big nasty
T: Cuda
T: Tiger Sharks w/ 6 Gun Drones
T: Orca w/ BTS
T: Orca w/ Kroot 2
T: Orca w/ Kroot 3

Turn 1

E; win Initiative (I rolled a one)
E; Void LF sustains targets KRT1. 2KIA, 4BMS
E; Void RF sustains targets KRT1. 4KIA. BROKEN


E; Guardians C FAIL, move up
T; Orca&KRT2 engage Guardians LF. 4KIA BROKEN
E; Vampire FAILED
T; Tiger Shark ground attacks targets Guardians RF. 3KIA, 4BMs
T; Gun Drones advances targets Guardians RF. 1KIA, 2BMs
E; Guardians RF FAILED, remove BMs
Rangers over watch 2KIA KRT3 3BMs
T; Orca w/ KRT3 ground assaults target rangers. 2KIA BROKEN
E; Scorpion advances targets KRT3. Orca down, 2 KRT KIA BROKEN
T; Recon doubles
E: Sword advances targets KRT2. 2KIA BROKEN

T; Pathfinders double targets Scorpion. 1BM
T; Crisis Suits Overwatch
 KRT1 and Guardians LF. KRT2, KRT3, and Rangers remain BROKEN

Turn 2

E; win Initiative (I rolled a one)
E; Void sustains targets Gun Drones. 2KIA, 6BMs BROKEN
E; Scorpion doubles targets Recons. 2KIA, 3 BMs 
T; Tiger Sharks FAILED
E; Guardians RF engage targets Pathfinders. 5KIA BROKEN
T; Cuda ground attack targets Exarchs. 1BM
E; Vamp ground attack targets Crisis Suits. 1BM
E; Void sustains targets Crisis Suits. 3BMs
T; Orca CAP
E; Guardians LF doubles
T; Crisis Suits Marshall
E; Swords advance targets KRT3. ELIMINATED
KRT1 and Rangers. KRT2, Gun Drones, and Pathfinders remain broken

Turn 3

T; Stealth tele. 2 BMs
E; win Initiative (I rolled a one)
E; Void sustains targets Stealth. 3KIA BROKEN
T; Tiger Sharks ground attack targets Exarchs. 1KIA, 2BMs
E; Guardians C advance targets KRT1. 1KIA, 2BMs
T; Crisis Suits over watch
E; Void FAILED targets stealth 1KIA
T; Cuda ground attack targets Guardian RF. 2KIA BROKEN
E; Scorpion FAILED
T; BTS ground attack Scorpion. ELIMINATED
E; Sword advances targets BTS. Orca down & 3BMs
E; Vamp ground attack targets Crisis Suits. 1KIA, 2BMs
E; Guardians engage targets BTS. BROKEN
T; Over Watch 3KIA on BTS
E; Vamp BTS ground assaults Crisis Suits. 4KIA BROKEN
E; Exarchs engage KRT1. ELIMINATED

Elder win 3 - 0. TSNP, DTF, T&H

Lessons learned.
* Kroot spilling out on an Orca is a waste. Kroot garrisoned is a bigger threat and area denial asset. * * Crisis or FWs should be loaded in Orcas
* Failed to Teleport on turn two
* Failed to remember my air assets on CAP. Had a chance to shoot down the BTS!
* Tiger Sharks are an expensive 175 point to dump drones. They are as effective as Cudas. 275 points wasted.
* Too many cheap, one and done, units. Drones, stealth, 3 detachments of kroot.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Warmaster Weekends "speed painting" take two

         This is where I left off, prior to Holidays in Argentina. Nothing else has been accomplished with the shield transfers. All I have done is make a pile or two and get reorganized. It is the first weekend back and while the girls watched a movie, I got some time in.

         Elephants! It's like a semi truck doing 25 coming at you with no breaks. It turns like a ship. 12,000 pounds of "I'm gonna stomp you." If you seen them or not, pretty sure your shitting yourself.


Cleaned, based, primed, and flocked (sand paste applied) in 21 minutes.
Washed in stone tone, tusks, blankets done in 15.
Bases flocked and base coated 20 minutes.
Roughly an hour for 5 India Elephants with castles.
Details and free hand 15 minutes each.


Cleaned, mounted to blocks, primed. 11minutes
Man dresses, Spears, Hair, skin painted in 30 minutes
Based, flocked, base coated 20minutes
Hand painted shield 5 minutes
+/- an hour (1 extra base include from last weeks counting problem)

         African Heavy Infantry

Cleaned, mounted, primed 20 minutes
Washed, skin, armor, cloth 30 minutes
Spears, belts, sandals 15 minutes
Rear rank based for shield decals
Transfer problem. Detailed transfer post later.

Shield transfers.......what a bitch! I am tossing out the first package of transfer paper. Amazon sent me a different manufacture and I got some of testor's expensive paper also. I will be screwing around with that for the next week or so.


Large beast (3 of them) can be banged out in about 1.2 hrs. 3 stands Skirmishers can be completed in under an hour.

Barring transfer issues. A unit, 3 stands, can be finished in an hour. The number of dudes does not matter.

The key to painting Warmaster 10mm and getting an army on the table in a time frame that one would not loss focus is;
     1) painting blocks
     2) every dude facing the same way
     3) proper spacing on the block and dudes checkerboarded on the opposite side.
     4) Airbrushing the primer and majority base color.
A side note; paint about 40-60 dudes on the same type at once. At least 6 bases worth. It is possible to cut time by 25%

Friday, January 26, 2018

20mm Zombie stuff

       At some point they had a sale. And I bought some minis. More like a lot of dudes.
85 dudes! 12 Characters, Nazi Zombies, SS Zombies, 32 Cultists, Secret Service, Vampires, Ass kicking females with guns, and African dudes. Plus some civilians.

3 messed up MRAPs

1 Russian SUV

Thursday, January 25, 2018


         It was a test of one's ability to eat shit from the start. The highlight was free booze and the Lion showed up on time.

         So the Lion bus was actually on time. Being Argentina, this was a first time experience of something or someone actually being on time. The guy showed up expecting 7 people and 2 bags. It was two people and 7 bags. The lion got to EZE 30 minutes late. Traffic, not their fault!
Delta decided to fuck us. The first girl checking documents and passports said we had the wrong shit. She left to go ask immigration. Wrong paper, we need a stamp. Now I have travel on the same papers, exact same, 4 times in less than 90 days with Delta. Never a problem. Yet today its a problem.

        We can't talk to the dude she did. So we have to hump the bags 2 terminals over and speak to some clown there. This clown sends us to another office. They say they can't do it. We go back. Then they come find us and say they can. We get two new papers.

        The first office doesn't care about the two papers we got from the second office. They now want a different paper. We don't have it. My wife answers her cell. She is the only one who speaks spanish enough to get answer from these clowns. (she is back in Santa Fe) The clown wants the POA I give her to travel with my daughter. Which has fuck all nothing to do with us traveling today.

Rules, laws, and regulations
          First I need a stamp. Then I need two papers. Then I need a completely different paper That I did not need 15 minutes ago. I get the clown to go fetch the head clown. I want to know the exact rule that changed making my current set of papers no good. And I want to see the manual. Being Argentina no one ever knows what the true rule or law is. They just make that shit up as they go.

         The head clown says someone screwed up every time we were allowed to travel in the past. But none of it was her people. Which were the exact people that allowed us to travel. Finally she says it is not their job. It is the Airlines job.

         Back to delta we go. The original girl is gone. We get a different dude. The plane boards in 35 minutes. Still allowed to check in? Yep! Surprised me too. And he doesn't ever read the papers. He miss up the order and hands them back.
         Now off to the dude that checks the bags. 20 minutes to the plane boards. We are checking 6 bags, 2 are over weight. He say we owe 600 for the bags. Which is true. I say we are military and they are free. He says do you have papers? No but I show him my 3 year expired ID. He say ok.
        Tickets, luggage receipts and he say ahhhh do you have your travel documents. I give them to him. He looks at them. Never reads them. Hands them back. The plane is boarding now.

        Of course has to look at all the soldiers I am carrying. They are super interested in FW's HH book 6. They look at the pages for 10 minutes.

        We skip every fucker in line. Off to see the dude at window seven. He clears me for exit. Then looks at my kid. Hey where are her travel documents? I gave them to you.  "O" he says. He looks at them and hands them back. Then asks for them again. Then looks a random pages in the middle of each set.
         Delta shows up asking where we are. Because we are the only ones missing, keeping the door open. 5 minutes till the plane leaves. I say here I am. They say don't worry we will not leave without you. I say only this guy is holding us up.
       He stops fucking around with the papers. I don't think he reads or reads well. He never scans her finger, forgets her picture, stamps her passport. hmmmmmm, quality!

       They hump our bags for us. The crew helps with the bags all the way to our seats. The dude handing out drinks never charges me for the whiskey. I had six doubles.

New rule! When in Argentina, if at any time you get an answer that seem not right. Go away, burn a cigar. Come back and hand them the exact same shit as before. The answer will change and you will get what you wanted.

Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 goals

2018 Projects and Goals

         A lot of real life shit will create delays throughout the year. We are moving back to the states, selling two houses, buy a house, moving shit from Argentina and storage, flying the dog back, coming out of retirement, and meeting the needs of my parents.
         Good news is one house is sold ,waiting on money, and we have an offer excepted on a house in the states. And I better get a god dam wargaming room!

         Get the Sudan project on the table.  This project is massive. I have maybe 900 Fuzzy Wuzzys, bunch of Naval crews and guns, Egyptian and Sudanese, and most of the British to complete.
         I will need to focus on a few battles and get the units required done for them. All the while banging out Ansar as fast as possible.
        There are no supply issues this year. No purchase required. All materials are on hand.

         20mm Moderns. I got a bunch of characters and Zombies and all the Afghans as a goal this year. There should be no hold ups as all the supplies are on hand. No purchases required.

         NetEA Imperial Fists and HH World Eaters armies.  As the year moves on, these should be available once moved into the new house.  

         Attend 2 HMGS cons and AdeptiCon.   Hopefully a few NE epic tourneys.

         Painting  800 plus dudes painted last year. The goal will be 600 this year.