Monday, October 27, 2014

MechaniCon Final and pictures

          At long last my ass is finally home. I pulled into the driveway at 12:30, Monday morning.
          Tourney Results: Dave took first. Karl grab second and I pulled 3rd. No big wow there were only 4 players. I did get in 5 games. My Codex Marine list; (no clue why I needed up 75 points short)

        The list proved to be fast and flexible. Well until I ran into Dave. I only splashed one Knight. He raped the every living shit out of me. That was the worst beating I have taken from him.

        I got to play Kal during the dinner break on Saturday. Kal (TO) lost to a very luckly string of saves by me on his right flank. After that both flanks collapsed.

        There is no way I can remember both the camera and to actually take pictures. There are no turn by turn pictures, nor pictures from any other event. Just random game pics.

Round one of the day's pictures 

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