Sunday, May 23, 2021

By Fire and Sword "Build up"

Skirmish Rules

            Now that the collection has been sorted. I need to get all the minis painted touched up and washed. Then rebasing and flocking can start. First was an order to Litko for 3mm plywood bases. You can order the plastic bases directly from BFAS, but they are expensive. BFaS also sells metal bases. (I was never a fan of the metal base. The metal is too thin and forces a player to pick the base up by the mini.) I got 5x the number for the price of a single pack. Now the 40x40 artillery bases I will get from BFAS as Litko only sells in blocks of 100.

By Fire and Sword
Bases sizes

Artillery 40 x 40
Cavalry 40 x 30
Infantry 40 x 20
Inf Cmd 40 x 30
Div Cmd 40 x 40

            While I am rebasing the RF&F. I hope to start rebasing the INF for BFAS. There they lay in neat rows awaiting bases.

            I sent Staples the "Republic in Flames" pdf for printing. Luckily the company is paying. It was 162 for color heavy weight paper.

            Marauder Industries printed me up some counters. 10 of each for 10 with shipping. Disordered, Flight, and Reload.

Update;  While waiting for shit to happen the dudes got based, washed, and pasted.

Dragoons, Musketeers, Merc Command

Armored and non armored Pike
Italian Mercs

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