Thursday, May 13, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury "May's Efforts" part I


            Southern Cav is with me this week. The horses are done. I need to bang out the riders while on the road.

            All of these misc pieces parts have been inked and sealed. I normally don't take the flock on the road. I am just not finding the time on the weekends to get it done. So I am going to make a mess in the hotel room!
            In the wake of the "Aftermath," the rebasing has kicked off again. I got this bunch rebased and sealed. They are nly waiting on flocking.
            The next group is on the table for basing. There is a problem. Some, well half of the little bastards are leaning forward. They are leaning so much so that I need to create some thing to support them as the glue dries. Otherwise they fall over right away.

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