Thursday, May 27, 2021

By Fire and Sword "Collecting Problems"

            Collectors have a common problem. Its not the massive amount of stuff we have or storing it or what our families will do with this shit when we die. The problem is at some point you have everything. It is only the super rare stuff that your missing and you know most likely unless someone dies you won't ever get it. I saw this will dad's collection. 

            The last 5 years of his life there was nothing left to buy. He had everything, barring those super extremely rare items. Dad started buying items sort of related. Stuff like art and signatures and primary source correspondence.

            Now I am there. I have everything for Epic and its painted. The same for Warmaster. Well, I am currently painting the Lizardmen and Ancients being Ancients are never truly finished. But there is a hybrid system of the two.....By Fire and Sword!

            You become so use to search and buying shit. When you run out of that shit to buy. Its like losing a friend. What do you do? Your an addict! Well you find a new drug. And I have only play a demo. WTF?

              Yearly goal. No collection buying. Failure. 


Skirmish set box

Reiter Regiment box

Dragoon box set 

x2 National Infantry 

Dice, Order Counters, Banners 


Skirmish set box

Gosiewski Foray Skirmish set box

Pancerni Cavalry box set 

Winged Hussars box set

Polish Cavalry Reg Box set

Dice, Order Counters, Banners

            The original plan was to buy used painted Pike and Shot armies. Then rebase them for BFAS. The plan is there is no plan. I am a horder and an addict. So I grabbed these at 40% of retail. And now I have to paint them at some point.

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