Friday, May 14, 2021

NashCon 2021 Dates



August 20, 21, & 22
Sheraton Music City
777 MacGavock Pike Nashville, TN

            I will be going. The hotel is pretty sweet. Sadly there are no rooms for me. Better for me I will be staying on points. Even better the family will tag along. There is plenty to do in Nashville for them.

        I requested tables for a Warmaster Tourney on Saturday. It was shot down due to COVID. I again asked after the mask requirement was lifted. Still shot down.

        I know Pat and some of his group are coming from St Louis. I will be there with some armies and and enough terrain for 2 tables. Pat and myself plan on pick up games. I will bring Epic and a Skirmish force of BFAS also. 

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