Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Britannia Miniatures

        Man from the pictures on their site, I thought they would suck. All the ones on the web were too far away in pictures. Or the painter applied paint as if icing a cake. But they had a UAV and a TV crew. Also they were fairly cheap coming from the UK with a SOG discount. I ordered a pile of Afghans, some bits and bobs.

       Britannia's service rules.
  • I got an email reply directly after placing my order. After hours, informing me that my order was in stock, would be picked and shipped the very next morning. Andrew Grubb is the man.
  • My order was in my hot little hands state side in 13days. Which includes Eastern weekend! Crazy.
  • If that was not enough, extras were tossed in. Not just one or two half ass mis-casts, but 12 dudes. 12 extra dudes you would actual want and be excited to get, casted perfectly. 
      The minis are much more than expected. Fine casts with high level of detail. There are casting lines and some flash on the bottom. No more than any other manufacture currently. The pictures you will find are bull, these minis are sweet. I can't wait to paint them. So much so I was cleaning them up in my office at work.

      I also got a resin building. No bubbles, no rubber mold stuck in cracks, and a sanded bottom. The thing smells horrible, I left it in the bag.
     The afghan market has lift off roofs and all sorts of wares littered about. No assembly required! Other than the smell, it is comparable to GameCraft's resin buildings.

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