Tuesday, April 30, 2013

20mm Force on Force

        Some infected dogs for the zombie project. Same 10mm giant wolves I used for the police dogs. They look good, but I don't know how infected they look.

         Some Elhiem Navy Seals. The DEVGRP green camo came out surprisingly well, but the coyote equipment is way to dark.Which of course I used on the weapons. Next time the weapons will get a sand color.

28mm M&T Terrain 

          I continue to punch out terrain with zero progress on my rangers. The 4Ground buildings were getting expensive. I saw another gamer had used WWII terrain. These are some 1/72 Russian cabins. They cost 4USD from ebay with shipping. The roofs were replaced with 4ground roof tiles. I mounted them to plexiglass again. Then continued with the ADK fall theme. The addition of new tuffs and flowers are from Scenic Express. The split wood and trees were taken from the dog's sticks again.

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