Wednesday, April 17, 2013

M&T Cabin

          With Drill weekend and little to no time available to paint during the week, I have been finishing whatever I had knocking about.
          4Ground Cabin is pretty sweet. The interior is detailed and assembly is quick. I didn't even paint it. I will have to get maybe 2 more.

          I based it on plexiglass to give the terrain piece weight and hopefully a degree of toughness. Both the cabin and the flock were attached with wood glue. Then I continued with the ADK theme.

          I flat out robbed the dog of a stick. It was sawed into 20 to 24mm chunks. No injuries, but this whole idea had bad things just waiting to happen. I split each one with a hobby knife and a hammer. The split wood was stacked and super glued in place. It looks cool!
          Just because my wood stacks fall, these did too. 

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