Wednesday, April 3, 2019

AdeptiCon Day final day

         The last day is always a bust. Nothing is going on. Most the vendors are out of stock and taking orders. And your beat by the end of 3 days. Up early, eating crap, and to bed late. We called Pat but he was slow that morning.

         We finished the morning with a 3 way 2000 point Warmaster game. Dave had 2000 points of High Elves Vs 1000 Tomb King and 1000 Chaos. Once again I failed to take pictures. Tomb Kings being the weaker army advanced the flank and did its best to relieve pressure on the Chaos Warriors crawling across the table. I did get the charges off first and rolled 1s. Smashed.
         When the Chaos got into combat I shifted my priests over. Then raised dead all over the combats. Things were looking poorly for us. Both priests jumped into combat, raised dead. Dave broke us by dishing out 7 hits every time in every combat. Did I say 7 hits every time.?

It took 11.5 hours to get back. The drive thru Chicago during the day is double the time it was at night coming in. Everything is repack, set a side for repair, or stored. Today it is off to Cali for an install. WEs and Samuria are in the painting case.

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