Wednesday, April 17, 2019

20mm Colonial Sudan "Egyptain Inf"


         After the Cons, I have been on the road non stop. There has been little time to prep minis before cycling back out again. Everything getting finished for the next few posts has been all part of the road show.
        The last few Egyptians I have left in stock. I need to find more or wait for a sale. 14 bucks a box before shipping blows. Only 16 line INF. 2 complete stands and 2 stands short kneeling dudes.

         9 Skirmishers or open order advancing. No Bases for these dudes. I can't count, resulting in me not bring all the stuff I needed again.

        I had basing/flocking issue. Once every stand was together, you could see the different shades to the sand/flock. It not different flock. The color below has changed over time.
        When lined up, I want them to match. Otherwise it would be distracting. So using watered down inks I stained the over all bases in ever darker steps until everything matched.

Army pic

Anglo Egyptian Army
        I should do another 12 stands, plus commander stands. Sourcing cheap dudes is tough. These are all from the Waterloo Anglo Egyptian box. Other than sourcing from Newline Designs, there is no other manufacture of Egyptians or Sudanese in 20mm.

        91 done. The goal is 1000  minis for the year, only 397 from the Colonial project. 209 to go. 

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