Friday, April 19, 2019

20mm Sudan Project "Sudanese"

         The Sudanese got some love the first time around. Serval units advancing in open order. I won't be packing them as tight as the Egyptians. There are many primary sources (first hand accounts) of the Sudanese enlightening their British officers on how to fight the Ansar. To represent their experience and toughness, all will be based in open order.

         Following the image plate above. The majority of Sudanese units wore Blue. I like the brown jackets more. XX dudes based up. The next step is filling in around the base the dudes stand on. I am not a fan of minis based and looking half assed. The filling is colored wood putty.
        The wood putty was washed with dark brown. I did not bring the flocking sand on purpose. It would have made a giant mess. And if, if I lost it. The bases would never match. It is sand from Argentina.

Army Pic

         The Waterloo set for what it is, has serval dudes that get trashed. You can only use so many officers and dudes swing rifles. 20 out of 52. The 20 dudes left are 12 Sudanese (8 useable), 16 Egyptian (12 useable). Kind of makes Newline Designs 4 for 2 euro look better and better.
                   I do save the Brits. They get repurposed. + 8

 116 done. The goal is 1000  minis for the year, only 422 from the Colonial project. 184 to go. 


  1. Looks great! I stopped by this blog because I was wondering what the source was for the image that headed your end of 2018 post here:

    The space marines reclining and relaxing is really cool. Do you know where it comes from? An old codex or art book?

  2. One of the Rogue Trader books