Monday, April 1, 2019

AdeptiCon 2019 Day Three Warmaster Tourney

        I will be playing Tomb Kings. The dragon has been repaired. My list;

Game one;  Major Victory. It is easy when all your stuff passes the orders. His Cavalry failed every single order.

 My Cav made one move out on the right flank. After that it stayed there, failing orders.

 Here sits my Cav at the end of the game 30cm from where they started.

Game two;
         Grudge match! I got Dave. In turn one his left flank shifted all the way center. His right flank went from deployment zone to assaulting my. He passed something like 5 orders on one block of Inf and 4 on another. I got smashed! Dave tabled everyone for a prefect 60+ point tourney.

After his right flank ran ran across the table in turn one. All I had left was my Cav chasing him down his left flank. The few Inf units left were stuck way out of position. Them living were keeping me from break. 

         When they caught up and got a charge off, its pay back time. Last chance to stay in the game. I failed 3 raise the dead. The general and two priest jump in. The general gives his +1 to the units. Nope, dice revolt! I roll low. Whatever hits I get he of course saves. I pull my pants back up while crying and sending the bones back to the foam.

Game three;
         I get Eric. Long way to go to play all your local mates. This was a better game. As we both were suffering from shit luck. Great for me, as he had Chaos Warriors. Bones ain't beating down no warriors.
        This was a table quarter game, set up corners. I had planned to draw the attention to the hill in the center. With the artillery pounding the hill. The Cav and birds would take the left and I would bury my 2 blocks of Inf in the woods on the right, deep right.
          Eric got a Dave off. The warrior ran straight up the center. Both of our Cav failed to move on the Left. The birds then waited to support the center.
          I was able to suck the warriors deeper into my deployment zone. While my left center did the end around and raised dead all over on the center hill. The bows in the wood continued to delay, confuse and shoot the dogs.
         Finally the Cav get going and get a charge, raise dead.
         The Warriors continue to eat their way to break. To save what I have kicking about and it better to charge than be charged. The dragon and birds go for the kill, raise dead.
It all looked like the plan in my head. Both flanks worked. The center imploded. Yet nothing stops warriors and knights. I should have buried all the bow men deep in terrain. Warriors broke the army in turn 6.

I went 1 and 2 for the tourney

        Little short for a Chaos Marine! Poor guy was wearing this shit all day. BY the end of the day he was parked in a chair with part of his kit on the floor.

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