Friday, March 29, 2013

Terrain week part IV

          The M&T terrain is in a holding pattern as I ran out of foliage. My undivided attention is on Force on Force terrain now. The goals of this week have shifted to completely all the buildings, and getting them based.
          Game Craft Miniatures foam board 20mm buildings. I had order a butt load of these years ago. And they sat like everything else. I want more of course to represent Afghan villages. Therefore I need to knock them out, and clear out some space.

The  WIP

 Assemble. Wood glue and rubber bands

Then "DAP" wall spackle to fill in the assembly holes and wall tops. After that dries, I use it again to texture the outside walls. Then a quick pass with some sand paper to remove the point and high ridges.

The whole thing is washed twice with a cheap craft paint, yellow and a redish/brown mix water down. The bottom half inch or so is stained with a grey wash. Tonight I will dry brush it up nice.

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