Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Galloping Major's Ranger characters part II

          Returning from Cold Wars, all that got done was putting away all the crap I snatched up in the flea market. More greeks! Exactly what I needed, but they less than a buck a dude. I also got 2 hummers, 3 tahoes, and 2 police cars for 30. They will need to be painted but I 'll use them in the FoF games until then.
          Last night after moving a face cord of wood and hitting the gym, I got to sit down for a hour and paint. The goal was faces and jackets base coated. I knocked out alittle more.

           I poured over all the green paints looking for a proper green for their coat's and pants. I need a darker green for Rangers and one slightly light too. The ranger officers wore a different cloth than the enlisted. It was not better quality. The cloth had a finer finish to it and the cloth was darker. I choose foundry's forest green, #26. The base coat is on.
           The moccasins got based, layered, highlighted, and washed. I used foundry's deep brown leather #45. The wash was Army Painters "strong tone." The same recipe will be used for all the ranger's moccasins.
           Rogers' leggings will be a light tan. Because of this I base coated the ties foundry's sky blue, # 21.

          Everyone says Rogers had a black man with him. They argue over his name and if he was a slave or not. I am going to say his name is Jacob and he was Rogers' man. He will than have the darker color green jacket as well. Assuming Rogers would have handed his old one down.
Being a hand-me-down jacket, I did not want it as dark. I want it used and wore looking. Then still using green 45 I added a drop of water and applied multiple very light washes. In reality just staining the coat.
          Jacob's leggings are also foundry's sky blue. Uniformity in a unit can be kept with a limit paint palette. I always try to keep the number of different colors used down. It is crazy important to record what paints you use. You will not remember what was used for future repairs or if you need to add minis to the unit.

         My favorite cheek JO. A copy of the process used on Rogers. His Scottish bonnet was base coated with the same sky blue. I thought about doing the leggings blue also, but there would have been too much blue.

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