Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Terrain Week part II

          Only had just over 1 hour to paint. I finished flocking and sealing the Architect Of War walls. I could not use the supplied trees. They are all summer looking, small and the clump foliage. Small in that, the trees in the time frame I am gaming were massive. The trees in the Wilderness War are reported to be 15' thick. So I tossed those trees in my bitz box.

         I end up stealing some of the dog's sticks he bought into the yard. Selecting a 27mm thick stick, snapping off the branch ends, and sawed it flat. The bottom was super glued and left to dry. This gave me a good hard surface to use when attaching the tree. This tree I will leave bare and dead looking.
         Another was selected in the same way and glued down. The goal is a birch tree. First one I have ever done.
          This one I painted white and added some black marks. Then I added some wire branches by twisting them on.Using hobby TAC I attached "Yellow Boardleaf Maple Foliage" from Scenic Express. Of course I ran out and had to order more.

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