Thursday, March 28, 2013

Terrain Week part III

          Lots of WIP going on. Everything takes sooo long to dry. I have been bouncing in and out of projects. My work space is a mess.

         First up is a blockhouse from Galloping Major. I base coated with a kyron dark brown. Then sprayed it again from a high angle with Testors' Model Master light brown. The whole thing was dry brushed with a sand color. Next I washed the building and roof with Army painter strong tone, not the vanish.
          I started to pick out the steps. This is where I stopped. The fence needs to be done and I want to base it before going any further.

If I do not note the paint brand, they are cheap craft paint.

         Gamecraft Miniatures. Another 20mm Middle East building. The MDF buildings are much easier to work with than the foam core. The foam core is killing me. I will not ever order any more. they are too much prep work.
         First up is a 3 story with pull out floors. Base coat was Army painter desert spray. A flat light yellow followed by a cream was dry brushed on. The building is boarding and dull. I used blue painters tape to add color and some lines. Then royal blue was used to stencil in the area. One more line to add between the 2nd and 3rd floor. Then clean them up and done.


            At Cold Wars, I grabbed some walls. In every Force on Force mission there are walls all over. I wanted something tall and modular. Battlefield Terrain Concepts had 4 sets, tall whole and ruined, short whole and ruined. My funds were drying up, so only the tall were dumped into my basket.
         Last night I got them primed. The bricks blocked in and the walls base coated. The first wash on, one more and matte seal.

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