Monday, March 25, 2013

Terrain week starts. Part I

          Terrain Week. What it is? A week where all I work on is my gaming scenery. It happens every time I get feed up with the condition of the current pieces, required expansions, and all half finished projects clogging up my area. The goals for this week are completing all the 20mm Modern buildings anf as much of the M&T terrain as possible. 
          Plus a date night with the wife, move a mates pool table, and a game night. I will have to squeeze Easter in there too.

Force on Force Terrain


           My buildings were taking a beating. There were others still in the packaging. I had to get hot and knock them out. As I need more, but should finish up what I got before ordering more. I have declared a terrain week

          There are 3 more large compounds being repair, fixed up and painted. Plus 2 sets of walls I picked up at "Cold Wars."

           I push thru 3 contractors and a technical. The technical was giving me fits with the way a vehicles paint reflects light.

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