Friday, December 7, 2012

Force on Force

          Today some Stan Johansen miniatures 20mm Jihad came. They are just over a dollar a dude. Trucks with skinnies are 8 beans. Great deal. The guy ships the same day as you order. I had mine in my mail box the next day. Very clean casts. Mine had only heavy mold lines on the bottom.

     Here you can see a picture next to a 1/72 Caesar's mini. The Caesar's look taller in the picture, but it is not true. The base of the plastics are much thicker. Which serves me just fine as, in my experience Africians are taller than us and we are taller than Hadji.
     Again I am mounting them to nickles, 5 cents for a heavy base can't be beat. Next the base will be filled in with pink stuff and off to be primed.

     What I like most about Stan Johansen's minis are that they look just like the Syrian fighters CNN loves to take pictures of. Just about all are shooting from the hip and none seem to display a proper firing position.

Some WIPs of plastics I am chipping away at.


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