Friday, December 7, 2012

Thursday Night Gaming

          This time we were at Pat's house for a game of Force on Force. George and Fred showed up. Both Jimmy and Larry had to cancel. We played the first demo off of page 112. With all of us playing the same game, I doubled the forces and the size of the table. Fred and George took the USMC fire teams. Pat and I were Hadji. We did screw up and Hadji was re-enforced after the first turn.
          Quick game, we were done before 9. The USMC team kick the ever living crap out of Pat and myself. Even with Fred being trashed before the first turn ended.

The night's greatest moment was when George's dice throw completely missed everything, the tray and the table. The dice tray was against his belly!
           We ate and drank more than we played. Which again leads to zero pictures.

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