Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Jam up Ends part I

          With the house now empty and my loving wife's understanding, I have had time to hide in my cave. With the time at work and yesterday I completed 20mm 42 dudes. Painted, based, flocked, and sealed. That rocks!
          All these are Stan Johansen's Jihads. I was a bit put off. As his examples on the web are painted up like ninjas. Bad pictures, bad examples, as they kick ass. A joy to paint. They have enough detail to keep you going.

          Keeping with the theme; "Their heads are covered in towels, like those mugs in the CNN pictures from Syria. I am trying to stick to all earthy business casual civilian clothing type colors. Hoping to get that look of a mug so pissed, with no military training picking up a weapon and messing with his government or occupying force."

Some more mugs

 A dickers with the daily paper.

Not so bad for a dip job!

With the exception of 2 Caesar's 20mm moderns.

          I also finished up my downed chopper. One old GW crater and a 1/72 kit. The kit I put together rough and fast. Next I dropped in a bag, and dropped a brick on the bag. The big bits I picked out and laid about. Then sprayed railroad glue and dumped the small bits and flock.

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