Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Epic Storm Raptor

          Some dude in the EU made these monsters. They are monsters, it is huge and very heavy. I think old boy had it cast in lead. I need two flight stand as it bent the first one. The base will need some supports added the weight is caving it in.
          Very easy to assemble, clean cast. Only part I had trouble with was the transport arms and the middle to front section connection point.

                      The transport arms;  The slots they fit in where too big. Also the part of the arm that goes in the main body was way too long. Check out the peg topper, outstanding idea. Flight stand, Peg toppers
                     The main body; The tail section was perfect, no gap. The cockpit to middle section was not flat. I sanded, filed, pinned it, green stuffed it. Three different times and it still does not look 100%.

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