Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Force on Force

          More skinnies. I got a cubic butt load of skinnies and zombies. They are all 20mm from Stan Johanson, and Elhiem. The Elhiem are bad ass.

          These are Johansen's Jihad dudes. Kind of cool. Dirt cheap. Their heads are covered in towels, like those mugs in the CNN pictures from Syria. I am trying to stick to all earthy business casual civilian clothing type colors. Hoping to get that look of a mug so pissed, with no military training picking up a weapon and messing with his government or occupying force. They are not meant to be area specific.

 More of the same in black ninjas get ups.

 I got so more in bound from Wartime Miniatures. Mostly US forces and civilians.

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