Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The road to AdeptiCon 2019

        I spent half the day packing armies and terrain. Also I will be selling off or trying to sell off the last of the 40k stuff. Bunch of old codex, Blue 609th guard army, and the RT guard. The last minute load out will be the cooler. Dew, scotch, sandwiches, and roady snacks. And a few CAO cigars.

        This year I will be playing Nids and Imperial Fists. In the Warmaster tourney Tomb Kings of course. Never got the samurai ready. I am bring four tables for Warmaster and Epic. The Warmaster Egytain desert, GW Desert, rolling hills, and fields table. The Epic Fw table, both desert tables, and a forest table.

     The car is loaded.

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