Friday, March 1, 2019

Crap buildings and fields

        These are 3D printed, free stl files. You will see them on eBay printed or cast for sale. I got mine 2 years ago off eBay. They were totally 110% FUBAR. I gave a bunch away, smashed a bunch, and then there was this.

       Last time I updated these crap buildings, I said I was done. Once again I am saying no more. They are as good as they are going to get. No more money or time is going into these.

In other terrain news;

Plus one lake

Plus one printed building

Other fields WIP

Final touches on the field with buildings

Field with hedge/wall WIP

Scatter terrain waiting


  1. They look great! I really like the printed ruins - is the stl file available?

    1. I have a copy still on the printer. How can I send it to you

    2. shoot me an email at
      pauljamesog (at) gmail (dot) com


  2. Haha, I see snowflake silhouettes!

    Nice terrain additions, looking forward to Cold Wars.