Tuesday, March 12, 2019

More Tau & Cherry Picking update III

There is no why more. Just more.

6 fusion heads

3 Devilfish

3 Crisis suits, the last Ripetide, the last not a Ripetide

Cherry Picking update III

         Earlier this last year I bought another Tau army. The price was cheap enough I could rape the treasure it was by parting it out. I am balls deep for 635 after shipping. 215 days later I have managed to sell 290.00 dollars.

75 for the Ocra
125 for the Mantra
30 for the Cuda
60 for 6 HammerHeads

         With the Tau army I repainted while in Japan. It was ebaying time. I shot the moon, listing it at 700. It is xmas time. Someone has granny xmas money to piss away. After 4ish relishing cycles it sold.  That puts me at 990 total for an army I paid 635 for and cherry picked the best items for me.

          The last of the packs were sold 2 Crisis, 2 Broadsides, AX01, and 2 Hammerheads. Additional 205, tops out the deal at 550 profit +/-.

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