Monday, September 26, 2022

Dark Realms Tortuga house 3 part II

        I should state a plan or a goal other than just printing shit out. A ton of random printed stuff is...well another pile of shame.

                Goal; To have a Caribbean island/Arabic 1700 town area in which to game Blood & Plunder and Anno Domini 1666. All structure to pull double duty.

                  Plan; Print out a dock yard and supporting structures. Print out a Corsair proper town. Be done by Fall In 2023.

Maybe tie it all into the original B&P board

        All 3 roof pieces were printed out on the Ender. It fucked up 2 of them. The 3rd is a little dicked up but not enough. The Flashforge stepped in and printed out the porch roof again. It is printing the other half now.
        I said I could live with the Ender porking a side of the 2nd floor. That was until the arches failed to fit. Green stuff for the patch job. I have the air brush soaking or it would be painted.
        Now this is the part I cannot figure out. I test fitted the steps, painted them. After gluing them in place the 2nd floor would not fit. Some how the width of the top of the steps is bigger than the hole they slide through. They broke of course. 
        The insides of all the buildings will get painted on the road.
        The FlashForge burned out the 2nd floor porch supports. No issue of course. The porch's rails will print out tomorrow. Everything will get painted on the road all together.
        I am not printing the steps again. Their point in game play would only be occupying space and indicating where up/down occurrs.
        The holes in the top of the wall are so the doors will move. They are printing now. The hole is paper clip diameter.

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