Friday, February 8, 2013

Tuesday Night Gaming FoF

Force on Force

          Every one was by last night. We had a record 6 people, 48 beers, 5 pounds of wings, and one bottle of scotch. There was so much unprepared wings after the game was over, it was an easy way to unload them.      
          Only Jimmy and myself played FoF. We picked the contractor mission straight form the main rule book. Mainly because it took up only a 2 by 2 chunk of the table, it would fast, and we could cycle the other thru. It didn't work out that way. Everyone else was throwing darts and pounding beers. The boys were ball breaking over 501.
          We ran played each side once. I took the Marines the first time. My plan was to bump and run straight up the center on the double. Then send the smaller team to grab the contractors.
           Fire team one with the Platoon leader attached made a rapid move up the left side of the street. Fire team 2 made a tactical move and engaged the skinny on hot spot 5. He failed to react and got knocked over.    
           Jim's plan was to set up a cross fire on the main approach to the contractors. He hope to pile on KIAs and wounds. No one unit reacted. They all doubled into position. The kill zone was sent.
           Jim's plan worked with piss poor re enforcement rolls. I was able to get to the contractors but never got out.

           Jim's turn with the USMC. He doubled down his right flank. I wheeled my forces to follow his line of movement and seal off his exit. I rolled all 3s and 2s for the first 3 turns. It was a bad day for me. Jimmy was within a tactical of getting off the table. Then I went shit hot and wounding every member in his fire teams. He fail his movement rolls.

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