Sunday, February 3, 2013

M&T terrain III

Busy week. Work sucked balls and I had to take the wife to Boston and back in a day. I have been get a butt ton of reading done. Almost 4 books in just over a week.

         Only yesterday was I able to get some painting time. I got two sets of Hasty Works from Architechs of War. I knocked out 6 of the 8 wall sections. I repainted them like three times. I could not get the stones right. The first time the grey was wrong. Then I had way too many different color stones. I think in the end they are a little too dark over all.
         This time I went with a snow that had melted and been around for a while. I sat there looking at my firewood for a log time. The color of dried split wood is not so easy to match.

          Also the leaves are different. Originally the orange leaves came from GF9. They are not available any more. So I ordered some off of Coolminiornot and from Hudson and Allen studios. I ended up using the tan leaves from H&A.
          The leaves are the best. They have the orange and 3 other fall colors. No more messing around their stuff is cheaper, bigger package, and quality. Very cool site, lots of goodies. I will be ordering much more from them.

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