Tuesday, February 19, 2013

M&T Terrain IV

         Work has been killing me. Long days and weekends have been the norm for the last two weeks. We had to cancel game night. I gotten zero movement on 20mm and have been at a snail's pace to finish up the M&T woods.
         I have contracted out to get a river and stream system from foofighterubu. I have zero time now and this was the best way to get one finished and done before the year end. It will be crazy mad dope. Foo is going to match the river banks to my ADK/Wilderness fall theme with streams and a rubbling water fall. I can't wait. The WIP is amazing.

         What I have been chipping away Architechs of War ruined wall sections. They were sprayed a base coat of brown. I used 3 different shades of grey for the rocks. A couple of them were picked out in an off white and red. The trees will be modified for the ADK fall look.
          I will need to touch up my half melted snow effects, but over all petty happy with the turn out.

         One more of the 6 GW forest bases completed.Forest base number 2.

 Forest base 3 WIP. Hopefully I can knock it out tonight.

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