Thursday, February 28, 2013

Galloping Major's Ranger characters.

         More M&T painting. With the first 6 Indians finishing up. I have started on Galloping Major's Ranger personality pack, FIW PP1.  You get Rogers, his slave Jacob/Prince/Duke, and a JO.
          They are priced 3 dudes for 5 pounds, 20 cents more than steep ass foundry. They are much cheaper in unit pack.
           The Good;   Brilliant cast, very good detail. The cleaning process was a breeze. There are little to no flash or mold lines.
           The Bad;   The face on the JO is disappointing, all smashed and puffing looking. Also everyone has big ass hands. Why is Rogers only wearing one glove? Stock photos lift off Galloping Major's main site.

           I have Jacob and the JO stuck down on 25mm GW bases. Rogers is on a 30 mm ply for painting. I do this because the staples I used on the corks for my Romans were destroying the cork. The ply and plastic stick to the corks with "blue tac" alone petty solidly. In the end Rogers and Jacob will be based on a 40mm circle and the JO on a 30mm.

         Here everyone is "blue tac" and corked. I primed them with P3 white. I always prime 8" away in two light coats. Once dry, each was washed with Army painter dark tone ink. I do it to 28mm minis for 2 reasons. One it black lines the mini without making the colors dull. Two it brings out the all the smallest details and gets me excited to paint.

The ranger JO with a smashed face, thick fingers and really big hands. The picture and the JO does give an excellent example of the inking blackline effect. The mini is still very light and your colors will be more brilliant. As you block the base layer in be careful along the edges. I try to stay about 0.5 mm  away from any meeting point or color change. Do this and the details will pop.

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