Monday, February 25, 2013

M&T Conquest Indians part II

At long last I sat down to finish the Conquest Indians. I can't remember the last time I painted a 28mm mini. It was truly enjoyable to blend highlights.
         The war paint was added last minute. I was influenced by the art work at Fort Ticonderoga over the weekend.

         The red shirted Indian came out muted after the matt spray was applied. I may go back and re-highlight his shirt. I had the trouble with his hair and feathers. His war paint came out balls on, love it.

          The green shirted Indian's war paint I am not impressed with. The red looks too much like his skin tone. I didn't want it to look cartoonish and under did it.
         I changed my normal basing. To represent the forest base without breaking the bank using a massive ton of tuffs. This time I used clump foliage. Normally it looks like crap. Some 80s train set bullshit. To get around the crap look, I ground it down into small bits no bigger than 3mm chunks. I believe I have achieved that morass forest floor that you would see in a primeval forest.

The white shirted Indian I am very happy with. He is the only one done mostly with P3 paints. For a more readily available paint that is cheaper, the results are pretty close to equal those done with foundry.

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