Wednesday, August 3, 2022

On the Road part IX


        Dam it has been a while. Last painting on the road was back in the beginning of June. Its now the beginning of August. I have been on the road. All this time nothing. All these jobs sucked. No chance to paint or read. No cigar smoking.

        It has been so long I changed my load out. I pulled my books and paint kit to lighten the load. Then properly run out the door and left half my shit behind. I forgot the load the brushes and the wet palette. Lucky me. I have done this before. There are brushes hidden in my bag. Those take apart brushes from AdeptiCon.

        I did have to go and get a dollar store sponge. The dollar store is not the dollar store any more. I had to go fish change from the car. I never carry cash any more.

        This time I am in a Fairfield. The light here sucks. I moved the lamps and busted out the one I carry. It is a piss poor experience without my full kit. It shouldn't be this hard.

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