Monday, November 22, 2021

Blood and Plunder "Fire on the Frontier"


        I am completely happy with Muskets and Tomahawks ver 1. (I never got ver 2. I did not see a reason to upgrade other than to upgrade) Now I have not played in years. The minis are still in cold storage. I hope they survived storage better than the ACW. Dad did break the fort during a storage to storage move. I can still remember his face. The box broke open and the fort exploded. It sounded like someone throwing a dish down the hall. Poor him. I scooped it back up into its box and said it was an easy fix.

        All of this has jack all nothing to do with Blood and Plunder. Yet on the 15th of December "Fire on the Frontier" is released. Pre Orders are up NOW

        I believe Fire on the Frontier is set earlier than M&T. The real difference would be the proliferation of fire arms and the type of musket. B&P's books are wonderfully beautiful. Of course they will be minis too. I am most interested in the minis.  Only two or three sets are up for pre order. Hopefully they will expand the range.


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