Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Little Wars 2021 "aftermath"

            The caulk mat held up well. There are a few places that need touching up. The same with the hills. Which in part is my fault. That and the weather prior to leaving. I was never able the seal the whole lot in PVA. If I get a sunny day this weekend I will touch it up and soak everything.

            All the ACW needs to be sorted and ready for storage. Lucky none were damaged. There are house keeping things that must be done. Many command stands need flags or flags replaced. I was shocked that 30% still need to be rebased.

            These tasks are those completed at home. Now that the new guy is getting some seasoning in. I won't be on the road so much. Then maybe all this shit will get done by the end of June.

            The final dudes to be painted remain the Cavalry for both North and South.

            The rules have taken the best mechanics of Epic, Warmaster, Kill team, FOG, and Lasalle, and Napoleon. With experience playing all, it should be easy to pick up. As I read thought the rules, I can see them reflecting the Warring Period in Japan. 
          The purchased collection is getting sorted. After ACW I will start to chip away. Firstly touching up, sealing, rebasing and reflocking those painted. 
           Once everything is counted up and I have an idea of the total forces available and some research completed, I want to do historic battles. I won't be kitting out the bulk forces from BFAS. They are 3x more than Old Glory. 
            I would like to have a skirmish level tourney army also.

            Never fear the Lizards are moving along. I need to paint bases and added some filler. Some quick highlights here and there. Then 5 more units will be finished. I have one more Saurus and then it is on to supporting units and heros. This should be done by June also.


  1. BFAS are an interesting set of rules. I have the book and was looking to do Ottomans.

    1. I am very impressed by them. We will have to get a practice/demo game in!

      A skirmish force is not that expensive. It is cheaper if you can find them with Old Glory.

  2. i have some of their janissaries and some essex ottamsn so I could get something together, even proxie some cavalry. i have plenty of 15mm. I will read up on skirmish and work on a ottamn skirmish list. The game is definitely a combo of the ones you mentioned.

    1. I have extra order counters for you. If there are Ottamans, they are yours too.