Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Goal update

3D printers

          Getting the printers up and running again. The filament printer needs a cable created. As the manufacture is chapter 7, a new one is not available. There is a plan. Only time is required. The Resin printer needs only time and effort.

Goal completed

         This was one of the goals this year. Surprisingly the resin print came back on line first. It took 3 days screwing around with the tech support. Another day or so leveling and alignments, greasing, tightening whatever. Now it prints like a champ.

        Then there is the Fabtotum filament printer. Finally got a new ribbon cable. It was up for about 3 hours until it broke the probe thingy. I have a hazy idea for a repair without a part. The probe is linked to the ribbon cable. It is just that its a frustrating little bastard and I am minutes away from selling it as parts.
         The only reason why I have not is material. It prints for 14 dollars a kilo and the resin prints at 85 a liter. 350 would get me one that works out of the box, with available parts, and support. I don't know how much longer I want to mess with it. I would rather paint.

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