Wednesday, February 13, 2019

30K Horus Heresy Bases

          My swim buddy is down. He had surgery and he is old. He has complications from the surgery. He ain't walking so well. That makes his entry into and out of the house via my painting space. It is a door we don't use. Now it is difficult or expensive to maintain a constant temperature in that space. I am not printing or painting due to the lower temp.

         While my buddy is off during the day for the issue of the day. I am preparing for the next round of painting. In doing so I have noticed, I may not have enough bases. Long ago a Frenchman and a Danish person made these. I ordered a ton. I should have order a metric ton.
         Who ever made these no worries, I am not selling any copies.
          Not painting this week has provided me with the time to mold and cast the vehicle bases. Smooth-On is the supplier of choice. It is easy to use and home base is about an hour and a half away.
         To create the mold I selected one of each, rubber cemented them to a sheet of plexi, built a 3 lego high wall around, glued the legos down, mold release, and a slow high pour of the OO. If you make sure your table is level, the base bottoms won't need much sanding.
         321 is 1:1 easy, can't screw it up. The stuff sets in 30ish minutes at 68 degrees.

        Next up will be the infantry bases. Again it seem I don't have enough or too many of one type.

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