Tuesday, February 26, 2019

NetEA Tau Vs Death Watch 3000 points

         Another primer for Cold Wars NetEA tourney. Poor Kal is stuck facing my Tau again. This Tourney will be the last tourney for the Tau. Next up will be Imperial Fists or Blood Angels. With maybe the World Eaters going to AdeptiCon.
        We are back at 6 Feet Under. The tables are height is wonderful. I love their gaming tables.  Plus my back is screwed from lift and carrying the dog. So table height will greatly improve my enjoyability.

        This time the Recon detachment has been benched for a 10 strong general run of the mill Kroot detachment. The Recon has proved too easy to break ending up as a lost activation with little reward for the points. Planes love Recon detachments! The only thing they do is eat up a ground attack or two in turn one.
       Hopefully the Kroot will prove their worth, by not breaking as easily, applying pressure/area denial, and an alpha strike option. I will garrison them in terrain as close to the 50 yard line as possible. (They shit the bed)
        The Path Finders will continue with a role of SC sniping. The points to smoke a SC would be well worth the lost reroll BS.

My List;

Kal's list;
        We played the Strike special mission. From the pic below it is near impossible to see the beads we used as objectives. (blue for me and orange for Kal) We both rolled for the max of 5. Deployment zones are 30cm from the long edge. 1 Objective in each deployment zone and the rest can go anywhere but in your deployment zone. The Strike mission is played for VPs. VPs are counted at the end of turn 3. The VPs are 1 for your objectives, 2 for the enemy's, 1 for BTS, 1 for each detachment in the enemy deployment zone, and 3 for the objective in the enemy's deployment zone.
                  We played it wrong and counted detachments across the 50 for VPs.
          Kal's Deployment. Off board support; 1 Thawk, 1 Thawk with Termies, 2 Corvus loaded, 2 detachment of TBolts.
         My Deployment was staged around mirrored Broadsides in the center. They were supported by a QFR of Pathfinders. The right Flank was abandoned to the Kroot in the trees. The left flank was the swing door. Pathfinder at the extreme, mirrored Crisis suits, and hinged by the Mech FWs (BTS).
        Off board support 2 detachments of tellie stealth, Orca loaded w/FWs, and 1 Cuda.

 The Broadsides and Crisis got all the air supports love.
 Kal came out and took the building on the Right Flank. The Kroot failed engage activations in turns 1 and 2. When they did engage in turn 3 there was no advantage and they bounced.

 The Broadsides in the center retained the attention for the rest of the game. Both ended up at 505 and broken.

        The Tau ended up with a victory. The mission played a bigger part in handing the Tau a win. With 10 Objectives on the table. It was too many to cover for the Death Watch. I made more saves than normal and an exiting Thawk full of termies took both shots from a lone skyway and failed the saves.

Death Watch Notes;

         The change tested was Death Watch's Corvus with Self Planet Fall. The SPF did not prove to be a game breaker. There were only two detachments with this ability. There could have been two more. 4 more, 6 in total could be a too much. Point wise, the increase was 50%?
        SPF makes the DW play like no other space marine army. It did allow for the Death Watch to function in the manner for what they are designed to do in the fluff. In the prior game (no SPF) both the Corvus and drop pods were easy to isolate and gang bang. The Death Watch being expensive and small unit size created too many disadvantages.
         The tactical flexibility of SPF got the Death Watch into the fight, where the fight was. The alpha strike, tip of the spear!
         I would like to see the DW be the ability upgrade marine detachments. Something like +2, to created the normal 6 marine tactical formation.

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