Monday, February 11, 2019

Epic Tau Vs Iron Warriors

        This was a Cold Wars tourney primer and a logged game for Iron Warriors  developmental list. The Dev list official report is here. The rest will be my notes on the primer. The change I made from the last primer was to drop 2 Cuda detachments and add a stealth detachment and sky upgrade.
         The Cudas on CAP were under performers. CAP was not working out the way I thought it would, 1 sky ray was added to the Mech FWs.
         Kal recommended adding on an additional detachment of stealth. He said they were the biggest disruptors in our game.

My list:
At the end the list felt solid. The recon detachment appears to be a weak link. I don't know what I would exchange the points for. Or if it was a deployment, utilization issue. Next up is Kal again. I will run the same mess.

Epic porn;
 My BTS sat on the Blitz on OverWatch.
 The IW's double Bassie detachment was trouble some but the pain manageable.
 My left flanking PFs were a favorite target for the Hell Talons. I forgot to ask why? They were doing nothing, zero all game. Even point trade?

 The garrisoned PFs and BTS keep the Vinnies at arm's reach.
 The right flank Broadsides failed 2 activations in a row. I got past half field but they did zero.
         This drop pod engage action bounced. The Crisis were on Overwatch and smoked enough of them to break them as they charged. We had to look this up. The answer is in the foot notes for overwatch.

 FWs jumped out played down 19 shots and got only the SC
 Such a large BTS was a bitch to crack
 4 activations later it broke.
 PFs with the day off.


  1. Re: Going after the Pathfinders on your left flank - I hate markerlights, basically. The last time I played Tau a few years ago I just got lit up by constant volleys of seeker missiles. My Friday night pre-game planning largely revolved around figuring out what in the Tau list came with Markerlights, and planning how I was going to keep those formations broken. Not sure it was the best move; honestly, the Broadsides did just fine without the spotting bonus anyway, but if nothing else, the Pathfinders and Stealth Suits won the psychological battle before we even started placing units.

    Turn 1, between the artillery and the ground attack, I wanted to break/stall that flank so I could worry about things on my center-left more, which meant shutting down the Pathfinders there, an easy target, before they could support the suits on their right. Then, of course, everything wound up going to hell in the middle toward the end of Turn 1, and stayed that way for the rest of the game. Turn 2 I think I sent the Hellblades after the lone Stealth Suit in the open, locking down my arty? Turn 3 they definitely went after the Stealth Suits.

  2. The plan to crush/delay your right flank worked out perfectly. I could get nothing accomplished up that side.

    As far as the center falling apart; That garrisoned Pathfinder unit made an extremely high number of saves. This is uncharacteristic of the Tau in general.
    My purpose for them was a speed bump/bait. I needed you a little close to bring the full weight of my firepower to bear. I was still forced into taking the -1 for doubling for secondary weapon systems.

    The stealth suits saved my BTS by locking down your Bassies. Which caused a side effect I did not see. That being it freed the center for me. Yes, if you did not take out the lone Stealth (turn 3 it rallied and was lining up to crossfire the BTS, while challenging the Blitz) I would have had your BTS?

    in the future Pathfinders, recon, skyways, stealth have marker lights. Pathfinders have 4 sniper shots, don't let them near your SC.