Thursday, February 21, 2019

30K Horus Heresy bases part II

         This time around the Infantry bases were running out. There is 21 different design. Some I have used more than others, for no other reason than luck of the draw. I was down to only 3 left of 4 designs. 
         All the same steps and materials were used as in bases part I. 
Resin will stick to resin. So if there is a little left over, pour it in and next time around fill it the rest of the way up. You will get a perfect cast from it

        A tool of sorts is added to the casting process, a toothpick. These bases have a lot of walls. Which create low points in the negative.  When the resin is poured, those low points hold on to air, bubbles are created. The tooth pick is used to release the air bubble. Just be sticking the tooth pick in and out of the low points, the trapped air escapes up the toothpick.


          Due to the odd number there was room left in the mold. I threw in 2 of the original GW low ruin wall sections. They came out pretty good. The mold itself around these needs a little cleaning up.

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