Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Warmaster Lizardmen part II


            At first I was thinking I would paint all the individual lizards different colors. Iguanas are all sorts of colors. The little lizards that run all over FL are different colors. Then reality came forward. If that were to happen they would take forever. I don't want it to take forever. 2 months at the most. And they would look horrible. So the units themselves will be one uniform color, like a tribe or family group, and every other unit will be a different lizard color. 

            Traditional GW or new GW blue lizards are first. The first 2 units of Saurus. There are 5 more on the painting table at work. One purple and one brown.

    Almost fucked up here. As I was attaching them to bases I quickly noticed the lizards lean forward. It would be near impossible to get the feet painted, flocked. Only the back row got attached. The front row has to wait unit they dry and get their feet painted and basing paste gets added.
        After the leaning lizards got straighten out, the first two units are based.

Kroxigors in the color testing phase.

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