Thursday, April 29, 2021

"GMing at a Con" Little Wars 2021 part II


        Its 11hrs hard. 12 and a half taking your time. It took me 13 after the 2nd shot. I was leaving one destroyed toilet after another. (This was the only and same side effect I had on the 1st shot) Then there was an accident, dead stopped for 2 hours. (not counted.) I almost shit myself stuck in traffic. I also took the longer way. PA tolls alone are 50 bucks! The Youngstown route is the one I took. Total tolls = 38.70

        I am not staying at the venue. They are not a chain nor one that I have points with. Marriott is 100 yds away. There I have points and they were only 15k a night.

And the god dam Westin is now a Marriott. I could have stayed at the venue on points!

    BONUS: The Japanese Collectables and Sword Show is in town. Fri - Sun. Maybe I can find a repro Menpo!


Same old, same old. Ah man I used to have all this stuff. Ah my bro’s play it, I’ll tell them to come.            

        Everything started at 6. They were prepared and smooth. The wait for badging was zero. GMs got a swag bag. Nothing extra over the top worth a 5er. As soon as I walk into the hall, I about ran Pat over. Pat always joined us at AdeptiCon for the tourneys. He bought my 40k IG years ago. He said he has been converting the local St Louis group to epic. The St Louis group is around 8 players now.

        I was running 2 back to back demos of NetEA. These are mirrored matched lists, all Space Marine, and limited to 4 detachments a piece. All for done for quick mini games just to teach the rules. The list are mirrored to assist the players in learning the rules Vs the detachment stats. 

            No problem finding the table. I got the same table all weekend. No moving and changing spots, all the while dragging the cooler around. I had 8 numbers of players. Two of which were assisting individuals that were a little fucked up. One old dude who could have been high as hell and a kid who had some OCD issues. 6 games all went well, everyone one had fun, 3 were downloading from taccmds. 

        Matt the ork player from AdeptiCon was kicking about. We have a pick up game schedule for tomorrow in between the 2 RF&F games.

North and South II

        The old North and South ACW  magazine is back. Who knew right? Not me. Until I found Mr. Pratt (PhD). He is doing a 6mm Gettysburg game all weekend. And he has an article in the latest issue of the new North and South all about everything you could ever want to know about Artillery of the day. This issue will easily be a collectors item!


  1. I would like to point out I have never played orbs, nor own any. Guard 4 Life

  2. I would like to point out I have never played orbs, nor own any. Guard 4 Life