Saturday, February 6, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury Snake Rail Fence part II

     As in the last update. I have decided to rebase the fences on the Stone Walls footprint. The Stone Wall flow nicely over the 3D terrain of the RF&F battle field. The 4 sizes of the foot print allows for a greater flexibility.

The Stone Walls

    These are the left over fence rails from Battlefield Terrain Concepts. They are listed as out of stock. BTC have not replied to requests for a large custom order. 

I should have spray the bases green. These will need a double dip in the flock.

    After the first game last year, I knew I would need fencing. A lot of fencing. Pendraken has 10mm split rail fencing in 2" rail sections. Each pack has 10 sections. I ordered 30 packs, equaling 50 feet. It won't be 50 feet as the rails are cocked at an angle and not straight.

The first 15 packs punched out.

    2" sections are longer than the BTC's 3/4" sections. 2" is way too long for 10mm scale and 15mm scale. And extremely long for RF&F ground scale. I ordered a "Chop It" from Micro Mart. Each 2" section will get cut down to 1" sections.

Once chopped they are almost the same length

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