Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Little Big Horn Associates

        I have been a very hot and cold member over the years. Dad had been a member all my life. He would take us to every convention. Then when I left home for the service, I was gone. Once every few years I was home during a convention and went. Then becoming a member once again. That annual membership would expire as I was gone again. Honestly there were years I was around, but was not interested or couldn't be bothered. 

        Well I am a member again. And planning on attending the convention in ND. Membership does have its value. The research review is never a let down. High quality well researched articles and not your monthly magazine fish wrap stories. The Newsletter is interesting.
        I was happy to see my renewed membership got me both Newsletters and the current Research review. Nice bonus. Both Newsletters I read write away. The research review I have been reading an article at a time when I am home. As it is collectable and traveling with it would ruin any value.

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