Friday, February 19, 2021

Mel The Terrain dude's book

        Mel was there at the last AdeptiCon. He was hanging out, talking to everyone, and taking pictures of all the terrain and tourney boards. Poor Mel had to film us twice. As he came down our row of tourney tables, I looked up from my game. "Holy Shit. Its the terrain tutor dude. What the fuck are you doing over here? Chicago is a really shit choice of cities to visit." After which I noticed he was filming. Said I was sorry. No youtube money from people saying fuck! It must have happened a lot, as Mel came back to chat with us.

        I now know what he was doing there. He already had the idea for the book. This AdeptiCon tour was a book drive. Smart bastard! I bet most of the Kickstarter funds came from AdeptiCon players.

        It was a shit show of a kickstarter. Went hell bells. I think he got 300k for the book. That is huge for a first time author, self published! Mel was sick, had health problems, writing problems, etc. He signed every copy. Well sort of. He signed a paper for every copy. The original shipment was lost. Warlord was responsible for shipping them. To their credit, once notified I got one in days. 

        Mel and the editor did a good job writing and present the information. It is highly readable. A glossly hardback with glossly magazine type pages. Initial layout is great. As Mel gets into the projects, they stop building on each other as a knowledge base.

        I read the whole thing the day it came. It is ok. Was it worth the wait? No Was it worth the Kickstarter price? Maybe. If you know jack all nothing, sure. It is a reference for foundational knowledge. If you have been in the hobby or watched his videos, no. I am going to eBay my copy. I expected more! Maybe I expected too much.

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