Saturday, July 21, 2018

The terrible Epic buildings

I got them off of eBay from so dude in the EU. I bitched a storm about there shitty quality. here;
         They sat in a box since while I brewed about them. Unpacking all my stuff spit these terrible bastards out again. I have some free time between jobs and all my stuff. Out came the saws and cutters. And a shit ton of greenstuff + plastic card.
        I wanted an old school-ish large building. I will use the STC tank factory foot print as a base. (it is 100x100mm FW square, sort of square)
6 total. 4 long and 2 square ones
         After all the green stuff and plastic card re-enforcement, it's foot print is too large for the STC tank factory. Had to go wife by 2 cms. If I am designing a custom base, why not go balls deep.
          The two long side will have a strong foundation. While the center structures will get some steps and details.

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