Monday, July 2, 2018

NEAT 2018

NEAT 2018.

         It was a 5 hour drive that turned into 8. Lucky me, there was a store right off the exit that had cold Bud and scotch for 50. I was afraid the Time Machine would be closed. It wasn't, but all my mates left. So I put their armies on Ebay, pounded 4 beers.

        I got a game of Warmaster in. The magic version. Karl spotted me an army, the rat dudes. And then I got to play Karl, Dave's ancient Eldar dudes. Karl smoked me.
One of the other Warmaster games.

That was Friday night. Off to the Holiday Inn. Up Saturday for the Epic Tourney.
The tables, most of them. iPhone 6 battery disease worked my photo taking.

My list:
 I was the ass with the Warlord. I went 1-2. It showed I had no practice with the list. Where to drop must be practiced!
Jon's table
Game 1
 Dino even spotted me a tasty stick. Thanks man!
Game 3
Photos from the day.

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