Wednesday, July 18, 2018

HistoriCon 2018 part I

        The host is being fixed up rapidly. The parking lots were a mess as with the main entrances. None of which had people parking across the street. I could always find a spot. My early morning arrival time got spots in the shade and close each day.

         The vendor hall is still down the hill. The way there is still under construction.

         The food stations were down from 3 to 1. The bar was not serving food. The lines for lunch were a mile long. The food selection was shit, burgers, beans, chicken fingers. They used to have great catered food. Some one fucked that up.

         I would say attendance is down again. There were fewer hosted games. Many empty gaming tables. If it was not for the MechaniCon group doing SciFy and all the tournaments, HMGS' summer event would be dead!
         If you failed to preregister, there were very few available games on the board. Available gaming tickets about equaled canceled games. Saturday saw both morning and noon games for me canceled.

         Moving back to the Host fucked them royal! It should have stayed south of DC. Never did I think I would say that. The trip down 95 to Fredricksburg was a shit show! It should never ever returned to the Host. People hate the host. I would guess next year's event in downtown Lancaster is going to be the death blow.

 Miles had a great table.
 Some of the regular gaming groups were kicking about.

 Miniature building authority's table.
 I got to play on it on Friday.
One of the great tables
Same room, same group! They must have a terrain guy.
 My first Friday game, was a run from the Zombies. The dude did not know the rules. The rules changed and he would ask another dude what the rules actually were. The zombies could not hurt you and you killed them just by having a turn.

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  1. they really need to include non-historical events and tournaments going forward. Promote it then they should get more attendees. The only way to save the event is to expand it. So many shitholes/cheap bastards cancelling events so they can get free admission. Pretty pathetic