Tuesday, October 12, 2021

By Fire and Sword "2nd Edition" part II


            This is late coming. There have been tourneys in Poland. And demos given. All those individuals have posted and made comments as to how the system works. I am still not sold on 2nd Ed. 

Latest Video

            I hate the command element part. The units formed into blocks to be pushed around is too old school warhammer, too Black Powder. Then the Black Powder idea of small, medium, and large units. I could care less if an individual uses trays to move their minis about. I use trays when playing Warmaster Tomb Kings.

            I hate the generalization of unit traits being washed down further as blocks of troops are slammed together. Units have different skills and purposes on the field. I thought they represented this to great effect. In an effort to speed up the game and make everything the same, this will get lost. Your understanding of the right tool for the job, combined arms, and battlefield preparation gets erased.

            I do love the alternating activations.

In the end will I sell all my shit and dump out of the game? 

            No. If I am going to play BFaS, I will most likely host it. I am more interested in matches up and historical fights. There are no tourneys that I know of other than maybe AdeptiCon. 2nd then does not really matter at all to me. If it is played at a convention and its 2nd, yeah it would then effect me. I am out, I would go play something else.

        On a happy note; I have found someone who will paint minis for 0.70 each. This project will get done faster than expected.

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